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OK, everybody, we can do this the easy way or the hard way. Which is it to be?

You have been warned. It's getting close to crunch time.

What's it going to be? The easy way? Or the hard way?

Does this sound like a threat? Is this the way that a bully talks before they coerce you into something?

Yes it is. The gloves are coming off. There is no pretence any more that personal choice and medical freedom will be respected. They have used heavyweight scare tactics and creepy little bribes to try and get as many people to take their deadly jab as possible. But they want every single person to take it. And they are not joking around.

Western democracies are turning into two-tier police states. In Austria now, if you are Unvaxxed you are not allowed out of your house without a special reason. The same does not apply to the Vaxxed. Medical Apartheid has been introduced. It is coming our way. Already in Wales, there is the beginning of Medical Apartheid. Proof of Vax is required to enter venues. It is not being strictly enforced yet but it will be.

The UK is preparing to introduce winter lockdowns. After that, while everybody is off the streets and so can't gather to protest, they will introduce Vax Passports. The aim is to totally restrict the lives of the Unvaxxed. We will not be able to work, run a business, get on a bus even. The intention is that we will be forced into having the Jab to survive. This is state brutality.

They think they can get away with it because they have convinced the majority of people that “anti-vaxxers” are just being selfish. If that were the case, then of course we would all buckle under the pressure as soon as our self-interest was threatened. Actually, the selfish people are those who have allowed themselves to be coerced or bribed into doing something which they didn't want to do just for the sake of an easy life.

Our Government is making it seem easy and inevitable that everyone will agree to be jabbed eventually. I don't believe this is the case. They have got their way with 90% of the population but now they are getting down to the hardcore 10% of us who will stand up for our principles. 10% of 70million is 7million. That is an awful lot of people.

The question is:

What is going to happen when they start to use force?

The easy way and the hard way

The easy way is persuasion. Open discussion and the force of reason.

This has failed for them. There arguments are full of obvious holes. They have only been able to convince the majority by constant full-on scaremongering propaganda. They have not convinced wide-awake intelligent people like us.

The hard way is force.

When a serial killer kidnaps a victim, the first thing they do is put their hand over the mouth of their victim so they cannot scream and attract attention. Then they knock them out and gag them so their hands are free to tie them up.

The Globalists who have taken control of our Governments are serial killers.

They prepared for their pandemic scam by buying up all the media so they could drown out dissenting voices with their propaganda.

Then, as they started introducing their lockdowns, they silenced any criticism by introducing censorship, labelling critical analysis as “misinformation”.

They have gagged us. We are their intended victims.

You must realise, this is just the first step. This is preliminary to killing us. Their stated aim is reduction of the world population. They started with helpless old people in care homes. Euthanising them with Midazolam and blaming it on “Covid”. Not allowing family to see what was happening because of “Covid”. The world economy is being destroyed. To “Build Back Better” first you need to destroy. Many people in the third world have starved to death already because of this. In the West, many who have lost their jobs and businesses have committed suicide. They are destroying our healthcare systems. People are now dying with undiagnosed illnesses because they are not getting seen by doctors. Next they will move onto to killing those who are opposing them. The dreaded “Anti-Vaxxers”. After that they will seriously get down to it and start culling the herd in significant numbers.

We are the opposition. They believe we are gagged and ready to be forced to submit, or have our access to the workplace cut off and be shut in our homes and starved to death, or be criminalised and imprisoned and at their mercy that way.

If we want to stop this from happening we now have a choice:

The Easy Way: Wake up the herd by loudly warning them.

The Hard Way: Violence.

It is far better to do things the easy way than the hard way. Violence is a last resort. In wars, people die on both sides. Victory can seem very hollow when the amount of suffering is considered. Best to avoid it if at all possible. Sometimes it is unavoidable, and violent warfare is the only recourse. But violence can be avoided if warnings are given clearly and loudly and notice is taken of the warnings.

When two animals are squaring up to each other, if they manage to make a big enough impression, the other animal will back down. That way violence is avoided. If we make a big enough impression maybe we too can avoid this situation escalating into violence. So, we have to warn people. Loudly and clearly. And we have to wake up the herd.

What are you doing to defend our freedoms?

Often, when I meet people on the street, as I hand out leaflets, I meet people who are awake to what is going on. They have realised our freedoms are being taken from us one by one. So I ask them “What are you doing to defend our freedoms?”

I get answers like: “I post things on social media”

“I sign petitions”

“I write to my MP”.

This depresses me. These things are all very worthy but do you really think your MP is taking any notice of your letter? Every petition to the Government or complaint to a watchdog receives a condescending reply which smugly points out that they are going to ignore our point of view and carry on with what they are doing regardless. When you post things on social media you are preaching to the converted. If anything reaches the main herd they complain and your posts are censored.

I listen to them answer me. Then I look around and ask “Do you see any sign of opposition?”

I am usually the only one in a crowd of thousands who has a T-shirt on with a message. I am nearly always the only sign of opposition around.

They control the media. So now it churns out relentless propaganda.

They control the internet. So when we are on social media we are only talking among ourselves.

We still have the streets. For now. While we are not locked down. Our freedoms can be taken from us at a moment's notice. They are ruling by decree.

So we must use our freedoms while we can to try and wake up the brainwashed masses.

We can organise Mass Rallies. But they don't get media coverage so they don't reach many people.

To reach the main herd we have to act locally. We have to show VISIBLE opposition on the street in our local area. Everywhere. Then we would be reaching millions of people.

There are millions of us opposed to Vax Passports. Millions of us who don't want the Vax to be mandatory. There are even millions of us who have been double-vaxxed but don't want to have the booster. So there are plenty of people all over the UK who are opposed to the totalitarian agenda.

But standing in a busy pedestrianised shopping street handing out leaflets to people, it doesn't appear so. Our opposition is INVISIBLE.

“So what?”, you might ask.

If you are now asking yourself that question, it is because you haven't realised how important VISIBLE opposition is. How it affects your personal credibility every time you try to talk to someone about what is going on and get them to realise the extent of the lies they are being told by the media.

Visible Opposition means Credibility

If you have tried to talk to anyone who has fallen for the propaganda, and been met with accusations of being a “Conspiracy Theorist”, you will realise that it is almost impossible to have a worthwhile conversation with them after that. This is because anyone voicing a view contrary to the official narrative has no credibility for them. They are of the view that people who think that Covid is a scam are a tiny 1% minority who spend all their time on social media with other nutters. We have no rational arguments, are totally selfish and should be ashamed to show ourselves in public. As such we do not deserve to be listened to.

The reason why we have zero credibility and cannot get to talk to people reasonably is because our opposition is INVISIBLE. To establish credibility with them we need to show that we are not just a 1% minority. We need to show them that there are millions of people like us everywhere. Because the globalists control the media and the internet, we only have the streets left to us to show our strength of numbers. So we have to show ourselves in the street to establish credibility.

If we want to be taken seriously by other people when we talk to them, we need first to establish credibility by showing strength of numbers. So it is a prerequisite of waking up the masses to show VISIBLE opposition in the streets. We must all do it. If we don't, we are ducking our responsibility and letting others down. If we don't, we will fail to wake up the masses. If we fail in this, the Globalists will able to get their way and introduce Vax passports. This will then be followed by tighter and tighter controls until we are completely enslaved. So if we do not show our opposition now, we are dooming ourselves to perpetual slavery. Either that or there will be violent revolt. Possibly even civil war. We must not let this happen. Far better to wake up the herd first.


For most of us, I'm sure that the thought of donning a protest T-shirt and opening oneself up to ridicule and abuse on a public street is not a very comfortable one. We are critical thinkers. A lot of us hold down professional jobs. Doing studenty things like that is rather beneath our dignity. Indeed we might feel a little bit embarrassed if we see a mature adult person humiliating themselves in public in that way. Especially if they are doing on their own or in only a small group. Somehow being in a crowd of others behaving the same way makes it more respectable. Also, is it really safe doing that? And does it really make a good impression on the other side?

I understand this attitude. Street protesting is definitely outside the comfort zone for many people and I can understand why. It's all a bit unfair really. The other side has all the resources of professional broadcast media reaching huge audiences, and on our side we have a few scruffy street protests which are ignored by the media. Yes, it's definitely unfair.

Well. Life isn't fair. This is the situation. And if we do nothing it is not going to get better. We have been trying to get professional media coverage of our fight to defend our freedoms for over 20 months now. We have GBNews and TalkRadio but even they have to submit to the control of Ofcom. And every now and then someone in the public eye does something to grab attention to our cause. But it is quickly damped down by the mainstream media. We are not reaching the herd this way. The herd do not watch GBNews or listen to TalkRadio because they have been warned how “Right Wing” it is by the rest of the media. So even they are only preaching to the converted. If they were actually reaching the herd then Ofcom would suddenly start getting a lot,lot stricter with them.

I am afraid we are going to have to roll up our sleeves and get down and dirty and start showing ourselves on the street, undignified as it might be. But I can assure you it is safe. And as for making a good or bad impression on the public, the only impression we need to make is that we exist.

OK. It is possible that from time to time a member of the public might make a disparaging remark. But you don't have to respond. The reason for being on the street is to show opposition not to make converts. It is to establish credibility by showing visible numbers opposed to restrictions and controls. It is not necessarily to engage with people. You could just be wearing a T-shirt with a statement while shopping. People will look. You don't have to talk to them. They get the message without you having to. You could give out leaflets as well. The aim is still just to show opposition. You can regard the leaflets as a prop. You still don't need to talk to people unless you feel like it.

You can maintain your dignity quite easily. Just because you are wearing a T-shirt (over your other clothes if it's cold, and with a coat open), doesn't mean that you have to be scruffy. Just because you are making a statement doesn't mean you have to be loud or rowdy. Relax and be yourself. You do not have to engage unless you want to.

What is the alternative? Do nothing?

Is it safe to just do nothing?

You are on the list

If you have ever posted any criticism on social media of the Globalists' plans, whether just saying that Vaccines should not be mandatory, or that there is no need to give the Covid Jab to children, you have to realise that they know all about it. And If you are a regular commentator on social media they know all about you and your card is well and truly marked.

The thing is, what the Globalists are doing is introducing totalitarianism. That means controls and punishments just like the communists and Nazis did. Just like Stalin, Hitler, and MaoTseTung. They tortured and killed millions. They kept lists of people who opposed them and they methodically worked through them arresting people in order of how dangerous they thought they were. What we might regard as trivial, self-evident remarks, Totalitarian Authorities regard as treasonous crimes.

They are already keeping the lists. The internet has been spying on people and recording their every mouse click for decades now so they know who is who. But they won't start arresting the opposition until they have got everybody carrying a Vax Passport. When they have achieved this, they will have established control and consolidated their power. Then they will start rounding up those who opposed them.

You might as well be hung for a sheep as for a lamb. You have already opposed them with all those posts on social media. Those posts won't even have reached the herd to influence them. But they are enough to condemn you in the eyes of the Globalists. You had better hope that they aren't able to consolidate their power. Better still, you had better start opposing them effectively. Do something that is actually effective against them rather than just something that makes you feel a little less guilty about doing nothing.

When you consider what Totalitarian Regimes do to their opponents, a little discomfort, a little embarrassment, a rude remark or two made against you doesn't seem such a big deal after all.

The real reason why people who have realised what is going on are not out on the streets showing their opposition is not that they don't know what the stakes are. It is that there is a disjunction between their rational brains and their emotions. The rational brain knows that it should be actively opposing what is being done, but the emotions are not engaged.

In a way, this is just like what is happening with the brainwashed people who have submitted to the messages of the propaganda, but the other way around.

With the people who have submitted to the propaganda, the rational brain realises that it doesn't make sense. But their emotions have been manipulated so they are, without realising it, attached to the ideas that have been implanted. The rational brain has been disengaged and neutralised by the cognitive dissonance. The emotional brain keeps them feeling “normal” by keeping in line with what everybody else is doing.

It is the opposite way around with most of us whose rational brains have rejected the propaganda. We have fully functioning rational brains which can see through all the lies we are being told. But our emotions are seized up in horror and aversion to what is going on. Our emotions are conflicted because although we want to oppose the restrictions, we don't want to face the rejection and humiliation that we will feel by acting against the will of the majority of people around us. So we do nothing. But we make gestures like posting on social media so we can pretend to ourselves that we are doing something.

Two Herds

The clever psychological manipulation of the population by the Globalist Behavioural “Scientists” has actually split us into two herds.

The main herd has been indoctrinated and they have completely fallen under the spell of the propaganda. We rightly point out that they are behaving like sheep, too frightened to stray.

In the smaller herd to which we belong, we still have our rational brains functioning and can see through the propaganda. But what a lot of us don't realise is that we are also acting like herd animals. Although our rational brains are fully functioning and we know what is happening, most of us are too frightened to show effective opposition. We are acting just as much like sheep as the main herd.

We kid ourselves that we are being ever so daring by posting things on social media and joining protest groups online. But actually we are all clumped together motionless while the globalist hounds surround us, barking to frighten us.

Look at how it is on the internet:

There are the mainstream media sites for the main herd.

And there are the sceptical and protest sites for us.

The main herd read, watch and post on the mainstream sites.

We read, watch, and post on our sites.

We have effectively been rounded up and are penned up in two different pens.

We have to break out of our pen in order to communicate with the main herd.

We have to summon up the courage to get out on the street and show opposition.

Actually, we are in a moment of opportunity. The main herd are just sheep like us so we have nothing to fear from them. The globalists and their hounds are actually too few in number to bother us if we could but realise it. The gate is still open. There is no lockdown. The Vax Passport has not yet been introduced. We must make a bolt for it now.

It is not just the main herd which is asleep. We in the smaller herd are asleep too. This is what all of my articles are about. I am trying to encourage those of us who know what is going on to engage their emotions and show opposition on the street. I am trying to wake up the smaller herd. We have to wake up first in order to wake up the main herd. We have to rouse ourselves to action. Let's do it. Let's all start showing our opposition VISIBLY on the streets.

About the Author

Paul Edwards is an ordinary man whose life has been turned upside down by the totalitarianism that has now become all-pervasive. When he realised that the measures being introduced allegedly to deal with a deadly virus were actually an attack on ordinary people and our way of life, Paul decided not to cooperate. Recognising that the wearing of masks was a device to spread fear, Paul refused to wear them at work and lost his job. Tensions arose in his marriage because of his refusal to comply and his opposition to Mandatory Vaccinations and Vax Passports. Eventually his wife asked him to leave their marital home. Now staying with his elderly father, Paul has dedicated himself to opposing the totalitarian takeover. Some months ago, he started going out on the street with his self-designed leaflets to talk to people and show opposition. His experiences on the streets have inspired the articles he writes.

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