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Influencing people on the street

Updated: Nov 27, 2021


This article is a follow-up to my article: “Talking to people about the Globalist threat” in which I recommend that people take to the streets to hand out leaflets to oppose Vax passports and the rest of the Globalist Agenda, and I give tips on how to do it. If you haven't read that article I suggest you read it first.

This article is meant as a more in-depth look at the psychological messaging which is the real purpose of the exercise. It takes a deeper look at what it is we are trying to convey. It also shows how, whilst being in front of the public we can use psychological techniques that are known to work. Whilst I aim to give practical advice that is easy to apply, it helps if you know something of the science behind it.

What we are up against

As anybody who has tried to explain to a member of their family why they have not had the vaccine and come up against strident and aggressive disapproval knows, people do not want to listen to rational arguments. They have made up their minds and regard people who want to preserve our freedoms as selfish and dangerous “anti-vaxxers”. They have been brainwashed by constant fear propaganda and stopped from seeing the counter-arguments by censorship.

The propaganda they use is based on psychological “nudge” techniques recommended by the Behavioural Scientists that sit on SAGE in the UK and equivalent advisory bodies in other countries. The techniques are well researched and they have had a devastating impact on the minds of the people. So we know they work.

To counter the psychological manipulation used by the Globalists, we must use psychological messaging of our own. They control the media, so we must reach people directly as they go about their business in the open. That means methods like fly posters, handing out leaflets, wearing T-shirts with messages, and talking to them face to face in the street.

But we must be careful how we do it. Most people have been so cleverly indoctrinated that they do not even realise it. Confronting them in the wrong way can lead to heated arguments that will give a bad impression and reinforce their impression of “anti-vaxxers” being bad people. We must use the correct techniques but, when we know what we are doing, they are easy to apply.

The difference between talking to someone you know well and a stranger on the street

When you talk to someone you know well, the approach is very different to talking to a stranger. There is history between you, they know your strengths and weaknesses, and there is emotional baggage in the form of lingering resentments for past injuries caused as well as any love and respect they have for you. If you broach a difficult subject with them, you can a expect a long conversation and follow-up conversations. In fact, a whole series of conversations, unless you fall out with them so badly about it that you can't talk about it with them again. As well as their prejudices with regard to the subject matter you will be dealing with their long held prejudices about you.

If you can keep your cool when talking to a person who you are emotionally attached to, but has been brainwashed by the globalists, then hats off to you! You are a better man (or woman) than me! If you are like me, you will have had many failures, and some broken relationships because of it. The sad thing is that the propaganda and rules and restrictions that they have been imposing on us is deliberately designed to divide us and fracture our relationships. And, as we all know, their techniques work.

If you still need to persist with someone important to you and try to get them to understand your viewpoint then there is help at hand. There is a website called “Reaching People” which has many pages explaining what the barriers to meaningful conversation are and how to overcome them. I recommend you look at it before you next try having a deep conversation with someone who you know is going along with the Agenda.

But, the big difference is that you do not aim to have deep, meaningful conversations on the street. Especially with people who have indicated to you that they disagree with you. Quite the opposite. You need to keep the conversation short and agree to disagree as soon as possible.

The reason you are on the street handing out leaflets is not to convert people to your cause. If you try that you will fail spectacularly.

The reason for being on the street is, first and foremost, just to show yourself and to show that you are opposing the taking away of your freedoms. By showing yourself in this way you are sending a powerful psychological message to everyone who sees you. That is enough to aim for. If you do it well and make a good impression on by-standers you will be doing an invaluable service to your fellow man. This is all each of us needs to do.

Handing out leaflets as psychological messaging

In “Talking to People about the Globalist Agenda” I make the point that rational argument does not work with people because they have become attached to the ideas implanted by the propaganda at an emotional level. To combat this we need to meet them on the streets face to face because every actual encounter with another human being involves emotion. Simply by appearing in front of them and making known your opposition is sending them a psychological message that hits home.

Even just wearing a T-shirt has an effect. When I offer a leaflet to someone, quite often as I do so, I can see them reading the message on my T-shirt. Then they refuse the leaflet because they don't want my “anti-vaxxer” rubbish. This delights me. It is a significant victory for our cause. Even though the person has rejected me because of the ideas implanted by the brainwashing, they have actually digested a message aimed at their emotional level. Even though in their rational brain they are telling themselves “I disagree with this”, in their emotional brain they are experiencing fear and confusion because they are encountering a message which is at odds with their newly established version of reality.

All the repeated messages of the propaganda and the psychological programming cleverly designed by the Behavioural Scientists has established in this person the idea that all sensible people are following the “Science”. Now they are encountering a person who isn't. This hits them emotionally. That is why people often get tetchy and make the “anti-vaxxer” comment. It is a knee-jerk emotional reaction. Once that reaction is invoked the emotional brain tells the rational brain to regard me as an enemy and block me. So it is impossible to have a meaningful conversation with the person. This would be very bad if I was aiming to convert them to my cause. But I am not. I have already delivered the psychological message that there are people who are opposed to the official line. A message that, because it is at the emotional level, cannot be stopped by the rational brain. It always gets through.

The reason the person will have even stopped when encountering me is that as I offered them the leaflet I was friendly and smiling so they paid attention to me. Then their curiosity was piqued when they noticed there was a message on my T-shirt. There is already a feeling of cognitive dissonance being invoked in them because already they suspect that I am an “anti-vaxxer” but I seem normal and friendly which is contrary to the caricature of the “anti-vaxxer” that has been implanted by the propaganda. They take the time to read the message because they want to confirm that I actually am an “anti-vaxxer”. Having done so, they have received the psychological message about the existence of opposition and helplessly reacted in the knee-jerk manner invoked in their animal brain.

Their reaction is the attempt by their hijacked thought processes to maintain their sense of self by resolving the cognitive dissonance. If I react to their comment by appearing offended by it or making a comment back they will be able to resolve their cognitive dissonance by confirming to themselves that “anti-vaxxers” are indeed nasty people. It will be a relief to them and they will happily go on their way and I will be left feeling annoyed with myself because I have failed.

However all I have to do is continue to be relaxed and smiling and they are prevented from resolving the cognitive dissonance. Then they will go on their way feeling uncomfortable with themselves because they will be feeling bad about losing their control and being snappy with someone who was being pleasant with them. They will be rationalising it to themselves by telling themselves that they did the right thing because it was an “anti-vaxxer”. But all the time their feeling of cognitive dissonance will be increasing because in their heart of hearts they know that the idea about “anti-vaxxers” being monsters is untrue.

Although the encounter has left the person feeling uncomfortable, it has actually achieved something. The feeling of cognitive dissonance is the person's natural defence against lies and propaganda. It is like their natural immunity to a virus. The disease is in their brain in the form of the lies implanted by the propaganda but their cognitive dissonance is fighting it. All the psychological messages that we send that increase their cognitive dissonance help them to fight the propaganda inside their minds. They will recover from the disease when they “wake up” to the reality of what is being done to them by all those institutions that they once trusted.

Of course not everybody rudely refuses the leaflet or calls you an “anti-vaxxer”. This is just one of a range of different responses that you will get when you offer people leaflets. I have covered some of the others in “Talking to people about the Globalist Agenda”. Some people will disagree and want to talk to you about it. Others will have already woken up to the way our freedoms are being taken from us and will be happy to meet someone doing something to oppose it. Others will accept the leaflet but it will be hard to tell whether they are supportive or not. Maybe they haven't made their minds up. The unpredictability of how people respond is one of the things that make it such an enjoyable way to spend time as well as it being worthwhile.

I have explored in depth here the rude refusal to illustrate that even when you are being rejected you are doing a lot of good. So don't let the refusals get you down. It is probably when you have offered the leaflet to someone and they have rudely rejected it that you have done the most good. These are the people who are most in need of seeing that there is opposition to the restrictions. You have brought it to their attention.

Merely by appearing on the street and showing opposition we are countering the propaganda with powerful messages of our own. Although we do not have the blanket coverage of the media, our messages are more powerful because they are person to person. Person to person encounters invoke emotions which are far more powerful than the subtle psychological nudges of the media. That is why they have to keep repeating advertising to make it sink in. Each single instant of the message is not that impressive. It is just by constantly barraging us with the same repeated message that it gets through. Whereas encounters with another person face to face can leave an impression that lasts. Some chance one-off encounters with strangers you remember for the rest of your lives. That is how powerful they can be. The tool is in our hands. We just have to use it wisely.

Besides which, it only takes a single message that is out of tune with the others to ring alarm bells. The propagandists have implanted multiple messages in people's minds: “Covid is a killer”, “it can be passed on even if you aren't showing symptoms”, “You need to be vaccinated”, etc. Their messages have been accepted by the majority of people, even though they are all very dubious. They are accepted because they are backed up by authority, repeated constantly, and seem to have the approval of the overwhelming majority. But it only takes one message to be rejected by a person and that person will start questioning everything else they have been told. Plant a seed of doubt in someone's mind and then they will question everything.

A single message getting through to people from our side will call into question the whole elaborate house of cards they have constructed. One successful message from us will defeat one hundred of their messages. We only have to plant the seed of doubt.

Turning the tide

In his article “The emperor has no clothes: finding the courage to break the spell”, Julius Ruechel encourages people to come out of hiding and show their opposition, making the case that there are enough of us already to turn the tide of public opinion against the Globalists, if only we would all show ourselves.

He points out that many people are supporting the ever-increasing restrictions simply because they are going along with the crowd. This seems like an insurmountable barrier when you talk to people individually and try to convince them to convert to your point of view. They won't budge and some even refuse to listen to you just because they want to be the same as everyone else. But it is actually a fatal weakness. It means that if you can influence enough people to shatter the illusion of consensus then the crowd support from all these waverers in the middle disappears.

According to research done by the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York in 2011, it takes only 10% of the population to hold firmly to an opinion and to publicly endorse it to be able to influence the majority of the population to adopt it. This is known as “The 10% rule” and it is why the Globalists have been so ruthless with their censorship and smearing of outspoken opponents. They are scared that if the public perceive that there is a convinced minority of 10% or more in opposition to the Agenda then they will be open to changing their point of view.

Ruechel argues that probably far more than 10% are already privately convinced about the Globalist Agenda but do not talk about it in public. So we have more than the 10% needed already. It is a matter of coming out of hiding. Once the uncommitted majority can see us they will quickly be persuaded to trust their own instincts rather than going along with the obvious lies that are causing them so much cognitive dissonance.

All we have to do is show ourselves.

Play to the crowd

When deciding to do something and setting off to hand out leaflets and talk to people we can set ourselves up for failure by trying to do too much. We can think that we have to convince people that everything they believe is wrong. We can put enormous pressure on ourselves. It is an impossible ask. If we burden ourselves with this load we will fail badly and have a very unpleasant time. We will not even be able to smile and be pleasant with people if we think that we are going to fail. We won't even get past the first hurdle.

But remember, we only have to plant the seed of doubt.

All you have to do is appear on the streets to invoke the cognitive dissonance. Because of this cognitive dissonance, our success in the end is guaranteed. Knowing this takes all the pressure off. Now you can relax. You don't have to make a single convert. It doesn't matter if anybody takes your leaflet or not. All you have to do is enjoy the fresh air while as many people as possible see that you are “off message”. Relax, smile, and enjoy. It is an Open Air Performance. The leaflets are merely props. The T-shirt is your costume. Play to the gallery. Enjoy the audience reaction. Listen to them trot out the hackneyed phrases. The whole time they are being won over effortlessly and they don't even realise it.

It is not just the Globalists who can play the psychological game. We outnumber them and can do it better. We can use the power of person to person contact. Relax, smile, and be confident. We are going to win in the end.

Background information

How to handle the longer conversations:

The Reaching People website <>

Cognitive Dissonance:

A lesson in Cognitive Dissonance <>

the Ash Conformity experiment <>

Julius Ruechel “The emperor has no clothes: Finding the courage to break the Spell”:


The 10% rule (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute):<>

About the Author

Paul Edwards is an ordinary man whose life has been turned upside down by the totalitarianism that has now become all-pervasive. When he realised that the measures being introduced allegedly to deal with a deadly virus were actually an attack on ordinary people and our way of life, Paul decided not to cooperate. Recognising that the wearing of masks was a device to spread fear, Paul refused to wear them at work and lost his job. Tensions arose in his marriage because of his refusal to comply and his opposition to Mandatory Vaccinations and Vax Passports. Eventually his wife asked him to leave their marital home. Now staying with his elderly father, Paul has dedicated himself to opposing the totalitarian takeover. Some months ago, he started going out on the street with his self-designed leaflets to talk to people and show opposition. His experiences on the streets have inspired the articles he writes.

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Nov 15, 2021

Oh my word this is awesome. We're on the street doing this kind of thing already and your approach and way of looking at it speaks volumes - it will be incredibly useful in us tailoring our approach THANK YOU and of course TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER!


Nov 14, 2021

This is a very positive and heartening message. I've been trying to talk to people and learning to be lighter and friendly in the face of quite unpleasant outbursts but it can be quite depressing at times. So this article is a timely reminder that it IS worth doing, and there IS a point to my being out there. Thank you for that - I needed it.

Yesterday I spoke with a friend who is struggling with being in a group of people who have accepted the propaganda and are assuming everyone sees it the same way but she feels unconfident to speak out in what is potentially a 'pack attack' scenario. I told her that sometimes in this situation,…

Nov 14, 2021
Replying to

I am working on a T-shirt design at the moment with partners to feature an array of questions similar to the leaflet but simplified. But if I had to chose a single question for a T-shirt I would go with: "Have we flattened the curve yet?"

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