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The Globalists are in control. What can we do about it?

Updated: Nov 27, 2021

The Globalists are in control.

What can we do about it?

Are you worried about the threats to our freedom that we are currently facing? Does the thought of having to live the rest of our lives under over-zealous authoritarian rules and Lockdowns depress you? Have you realised that the “Conspiracy Theorists” have been right all along? We are being marched towards totalitarianism by the Globalists and Communists and all their helpers.

It is no good sitting around thinking all is lost. If we value our freedoms we have to fight for them. Don't be defeatist. You may be just one ordinary person but if others see that you are resisting some will be inspired to resist as well. So our numbers will grow.

Besides, it feels so much better to get up and do something about a problem, rather than mope about and let it get you down. Don't bottle up your anger. Start openly expressing your disapproval and suddenly you will feel so much happier within yourself.

This is a guide to little things that we all can do to fight our cowardly enemies.

What we, the people, all must do

We need to stop complying.

Every step that they take that they get away with is followed by another step in the same direction. Towards total control over us.

Don't wear a mask.

Don't let them Vax you.

We need to stop pretending that everything is normal.

The enemy is not out in the open. They are still pretending that everything they are doing is to “Keep us safe” from Covid (and now, this winter, flu too). We need to remember that they are increasingly interfering in our daily lives and everything they do is to impose control over us. This is a war. The gloves are still on for the main part but sooner or later they will come off. In the meantime, we must constantly push back on everything.

They know that most people just want a quiet life and want to enjoy their pleasures. We are being treated like children. During the lockdowns, they take our sweeties away from us. Then they give them back, but only if we are good and do what we are told. So in order to eat in a restaurant you have to wear a mask, or make sure you have had all your jabs, or some other requirement which they will arbitrarily introduce at some point in the future.

Because they are weaponising our pleasures against us, in order to fight back, we must be prepared to forgo our pleasures rather than comply. So do not wear the mask, do not get the Vax. If it means we can't go to restaurants or football matches or pubs and night clubs so be it.

We need to stop hiding.

We need people to back up their views. Identify themselves. Let people know who they are.

Don't let it seem that everybody is going along with it all. That way people are discouraged because they think they will be the only ones to take a stand if they speak up.

Let your neighbour know that you are opposed to Vax passports.

Don't hide behind an alias on social media.

Let the pro-totalitarians know that real people are against them who are brave enough to fight for their rights.

Circumvent censorship and counter the constant propaganda by direct communication:

Wear a T-shirt with a message.

Distribute flyers advertising your opposition to the globalist agenda.

Put your name on the flyers so people know they have been done by a real person who is committed and has spent time thinking things through.

Put a bumper sticker on your car or a message on the back window.

Put up posters on empty shops in town centres and other suitable places.

Let people know who you are and what you stand for.

If people see other people who have never protested before protesting and who they would not expect to step out of line, it makes a big impression.

Talk to people.

The majority of people have been convinced by overwhelming propaganda. They are attached to their views at the emotional level.

Because of the censorship their views are not often challenged. If they ever come across criticisms of the mainstream Covid narrative they are usually dry rational arguments that do not hit the spot with them.

When you talk to them directly it can have a big impact.

Every face to face conversation between people has an emotional element so even if you are just discussing the pros and cons of any topic, when you are talking with people face to face emotions are involved.

So this is the best way we have at the moment to actually combat the propaganda that has been working on people at their emotional level.

Just by daring to talk to people about the topic of Covid from a sceptical point of view you can loosen their convictions. By talking to them face to face you are engaging their emotions. Even things that you say very gently and quietly will hit them at the emotional level.

According to the narrative, “anti-vaxxers” are crazy, monstrously selfish people . Simply by calmly reasoning with them you can undermine that view.

According to the narrative, people opposed to Vax passports are a tiny minority. Again, simply by talking to them you can show them that this is not true. You might also find that more people than you expect are on your side.

According to the narrative, we have to avoid social contact. Simply by engaging them in a normal face to face conversation you are undermining this.

Unless the conversation ends up in a blazing argument, every encounter undermines the Covid fear narrative.

So the more people we talk to face to face the better.

Take abuse. Be prepared for nastiness. If you do not do it now, things will just get nastier and nastier.

Be warned that when you are declaring yourself, and people want to discuss things it might be because they want to disagree with you. Be prepared for this. There are people who will be angry with you because you are not complying. Stay calm. You are getting your message across . If you weren't, the people who want to argue with you would not be bothering. So you have no need to raise your voice. Let them be the ones to raise their voice. If they start shouting and insulting you, wait until they have finished before replying calmly. If they get aggressive or too persistent walk away. There is no need to match them in their brutishness. Let them be the ones to embarrass themselves with their loss of control. If you are calmly taking abuse from an angry person in public, passers-by will be impressed. Some may even be interested enough by what is happening to wait for the angry person to go away before approaching you to find out about what it is you are trying to promote. Of course, if you get angry and lose control when talking to a member of the public, the opposite applies. You will repel passers-by. Nothing could be more off-putting to people who might otherwise be sympathetic to your cause. The key is to always stay calm and polite whatever is thrown at you.

Act locally.

Join a local group of like-minded people

Instead of travelling to London go to your local shopping centre.

Show the compliant that they are surrounded by real people who don't agree with the agenda.

Make it real for them.

The opposition is not something happening miles away in London that is not even worthy of coverage by national news.

The people who oppose the totalitarianism are everywhere.

And we are real people. Ordinary people. Not freaks.

Contrast the authentic messages of the real people using their own thoughts

vs. the synthetic psychological manipulation of the media professionals.

Be everywhere. Show that the opposition outnumber the elite.

Be brave.

We need others to see that other people are getting arrested and the police and authorities are not their friends. The more people who openly oppose them the more they will have to resort to police aggression and the more they will be exposed as the brutal bullies they are.

We need to support the organisations which are fighting for us against the Totalitarianism.

Especially the independent journalists who are trying to hold the globalist-captured governments to account in the face of the overwhelming propaganda and censorship.

This means supporting them financially.

I would recommend subscribing to or becoming a member of one or more of the following organisations as well as following them on social media:

The Free Speech Union(

Recovery (

Rebel News Unreported Truths

Unherd Spiked

Swiss Policy research (

About the Author

Paul Edwards is an ordinary man whose life has been turned upside down by the totalitarianism that has now become all-pervasive. When he realised that the measures being introduced allegedly to deal with a deadly virus were actually an attack on ordinary people and our way of life, Paul decided not to cooperate. Recognising that the wearing of masks was a device to spread fear, Paul refused to wear them at work and lost his job. Tensions arose in his marriage because of his refusal to comply and his opposition to Mandatory Vaccinations and Vax Passports. Eventually his wife asked him to leave their marital home. Now staying with his elderly father, Paul has dedicated himself to opposing the totalitarian takeover. Some months ago, he started going out on the street with his self-designed leaflets to talk to people and show opposition. His experiences on the streets have inspired the articles he writes.

Can you support my work?

Thank you for reading my article. I am dedicated full time to opposing the Globalist Takeover. All of my articles are based on experience as I spend many hours each week handing out leaflets and talking to people on the streets of the UK. If you would like to help me, please can you make a donation to support my work:

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Christopher Cotton
Nov 19, 2021

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