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Talking to people about the Globalist Threat

Updated: Nov 27, 2021


The “Conspiracy Theorists” have been right all along and we are being marched towards totalitarianism by the Globalists and Communists and all their helpers. But It is no good sitting around thinking all is lost. If we value our freedoms we have to fight for them. Besides, it feels so much better to get up and do something about a problem, rather than mope about and let it get us down.

There are many little things that we all can do to fight our cowardly enemies.

I cover these in my document: “The Globalists are in control. What can we do about it?”

Briefly, they are:

We need to stop complying. Don't wear a mask. Don't let them Vax you.

We need to stop pretending that everything is normal.

We need to be prepared to forgo our pleasures rather than comply.

We need to act locally. Show that people everywhere are opposed to them.

We need to stop hiding. We need to declare ourselves and talk to people about it.

We need to get around their censorship of the media and internet by communicating directly with other people:

Let your neighbour know that you are opposed to Vax passports.

Don't hide behind an alias on social media.

Let the pro-totalitarians know that real people are against them.

Let them see that we are brave enough to fight for our rights.

Wear a T-shirt with a message.

Distribute flyers advertising your opposition to the globalist agenda.

Put your name on the flyers so people know they have been done by a real person.

Put a bumper sticker on your car or a message In the back windscreen.

Put up posters on empty shops in town centres and other suitable places.

And most importantly,

We need to talk to people about it.

Even if it is just talking to your family or work colleagues it is important that they know you are against the agenda. And if you have decided you don't want the Covid jab it is important that people know this. Then they will be faced with the choice of to either be complicit in any punitive measures that are taken against you in the future or to stand with you against the totalitarians.

But, if you are brave enough and ready to do more to take a stand against the Globalists, I would encourage you to start engaging with the general public if you haven't already done so. If you have never done it before, then the following chapters will, I hope, help to make it as painless, rewarding, and effective as possible for you.

Talking to people in the street

It requires bravery to come out of hiding and declare yourself. Especially when you know you are in a minority and people are being encouraged, even by our own government, to view people who oppose the Globalist agenda as dirty “anti-vaxxers”.

But it must be done. People are being brainwashed into believing all sorts of harmful nonsense that is deliberately dividing people and destroying Society. If we do not act we will find ourselves living in an Orwellian Nightmare within a very short time.

At the time of writing this, although our rights and freedoms are being removed from us one by one, we still have many freedoms left to us. We must use those freedoms while we can.

One of these freedoms is to be able to approach people we don't know in the street and offer them leaflets and talk to them face to face. The people we approach have the freedom to ignore us, be rude to us, and even insult us. For both sides, these are great freedoms to enjoy. And I celebrate them. Crucially, this freedom to engage people in the street allows us the leverage to loosen the Globalists' grip on the hearts and minds of people. This is a key weapon in our fight against them and we can all use it. It will make a huge difference when we do.

I have started doing this a lot recently. I have made my own flyers and I pick a place where there are shops and cafes open and people about and I walk up to passers-by and offer them one of my leaflets. It was scary at first. But I am finding my fears were ungrounded. While handing out my flyers and talking to people about the Covid vaccines and Vax Passports and the encroachment on our freedoms they represent I have never been physically attacked or threatened. And I haven't been arrested for it. So from my experience it is definitely a safe thing to do. And I would guess it is just as safe, if not a lot safer, than going to a mass demonstration.

It is also a fun thing to do. I find that I enjoy it. It is very rewarding. I have had many worthwhile and enjoyable conversations with people that I wouldn't otherwise have talked to. Even when I am talking to someone who doesn't agree with me, I can still be enjoying an interesting and stimulating discussion. All it requires is that we each respect the other person's point of view.

I actually find that it is easier talking to strangers about this difficult subject than it is talking to family members. When talking to family, there is a lot of emotional baggage around. It is hard for everyone to keep their emotions under control while disagreeing. I find it much easier to stay calm and detached when talking to strangers in public.

Every time you offer a flyer to someone, you can never be sure how they are going to react. More often that not you are brushed away or ignored. Sometimes the other person will pick up straight away that you are on the other side of the argument and make a point of being rude to you. At other times, the person will be wondering what it is about, and ask you questions. Then when they find that you are one of those “anti-vaxxers”, they will be annoyed and let you know about it. Sometimes they want to argue with you. Sometimes they want a chat. Sometimes, surprisingly more times than what you might think, the recipient agrees with you and offers you encouragement. This is important because, not only are you encouraged, but also you can encourage them back, Maybe they have been feeling very alone in being sceptical. You confirm for them that there are others like them. You might also be able to persuade them to contact you again or get in touch with a local group of protestors.

It is the unpredictability of it and the randomness of people's views when you start talking to them that makes it such an enjoyable way to spend the time, as well as being worthwhile.

Why it is important to talk to people face to face

The majority of people have been convinced by overwhelming propaganda. Because of this, they are attached to their views at the emotional level.

Because of the censorship the mainstream views are not often challenged. If they ever come across criticisms of the official Covid narrative they are usually dry rational arguments that do not hit the spot with them.

When you talk to them directly it can have a big impact.

Every face to face conversation between people has an emotional element so even if you are just discussing the pros and cons of any topic, when you are talking with people face to face emotions are involved.

So this is the best way we have at the moment to actually combat the propaganda that has been attaching itself inside people at their emotional level.

Just by daring to talk to people about the topic of Covid from a sceptical point of view you can loosen their convictions. By talking to them face to face you are engaging their emotions. Even things that you say very gently and quietly will hit them at the emotional level.

According to the narrative, “anti-vaxxers” are crazy, monstrously selfish people . Simply by calmly reasoning with them you can undermine that view.

According to the narrative, people opposed to Vax passports are a tiny minority. Again, simply by talking to them you can show them that this is not true. You might also find that more people than you expect are on your side.

According to the narrative, we have to avoid social contact. Simply by engaging them in a normal face to face conversation you are undermining this.

Unless the conversation ends up in a blazing argument, every encounter undermines the Covid fear narrative.

So the more people we talk to face to face the better.

The aim of the exercise

The aim of the exercise of talking to people on the street should not be to convert them to the cause. This is a surefire recipe for complete and utter failure. We stand about as much chance of converting a convinced double-jabbed BBC watcher to be an “anti-vaxxer” as we would if we set about trying to convince a Mormon to convert to Buddhism. Do NOT aim for instant conversions.

The aim is simply a show of strength. If everybody stays silent while we are subjected to constant propaganda, then we are invisible. People then imagine that everyone who is “normal” is following the “science” except for a tiny minority of “anti-vaxxer” nuts whose arguments are so unconvincing they dare not mention them in public.

By appearing on the streets and talking to them we demonstrate

  1. We exist.

  2. More people than they imagined oppose the authoritarian measures.

  3. We are normal, reasonable people, not nuts or monsters.

  4. We have valid reasons for believing what we do.

  5. We are committed to our cause and prepared to defend it.

People have been brainwashed by constant propaganda. They have become attached to the implanted ideas at an emotional level. Rational and intellectual arguments do not have any impact. Information which they have not received from the official channels are dismissed as “misinformation”. The arguments that count are the ones at the emotional level.

By all means, if you get into conversation about the pros and cons of possible courses of action open to the government stay rational and present your information as coherently as possible. Just don't expect it to convince them. You just do it to keep the conversation going. All the time you are present in front of them the point is being silently made at the emotional level: “I am here. I disagree with you. There are many more like me. We are normal, sensible people. We are committed to our cause.”

The point of being on the street engaging with passers-by is to show a presence. It is a show of strength. It is like when two male animals are facing each other in the mating season. They make displays. If one animal appears to be too strong to be easily overcome his rival is discouraged from challenging him. It is a way to avoid unnecessary violence. A show of strength now might just be enough to stop measures being introduced later which will cause a lot of hardship and suffering.

So, when you are talking to people, don't get carried away by trying to win an argument. Let it go if the other person is getting too loud or persistent. Stay calm and remember the purpose of being there is to make a display. So, as well as making an impression on the person who is standing before you who you are talking to, you are making an impression with every passer-by who sees you and sees what you are standing for. Let it be a good one.

The design of the leaflet

The design of the leaflet should support the aim of showing people who you are and what you stand for.

The aim is not to win any argument or convince people you are right. So it should not be too assertive. The fewer assertions the better in my opinion. Assertions cause arguments. Public arguments do not give a good impression. People who want to argue with you look for an assertion to attack. They invite trouble. You can be made to seem dogmatic and obstinate by having to defend an assertion. You want to give the opposite impression by making them seem cantankerous and argumentative.

Rather than assertions the leaflet should contain lots of questions. Questions are good for making people think. While they are thinking they are quiet. They are also good for waking up brainwashed minds. And you don't have to defend them.

For instance, if your leaflet contains the assertion “The Covid Vaccines don't work” then the person you are talking to could get on his high horse and insist that they do. You might then try to defend the assertion that they don't. The other person will just get more insistent. Before you know it you could be in a blazing row, the two of you combining to give passers-by a very bad impression of the “anti-vaxxers” who go around annoying people in the street.

Whereas, if your leaflet contains the question “Do the Vaccines work?” then a person you are talking to might ask you, “What are you trying to say? Do they work or not?” Obviously, they don't. But rather than answer with that bold assertion, you can say “Well, I think there is a lot of evidence to say that they don't. I think it is a matter for people to do their own research and decide for themselves whether they work or not before deciding whether or not to have the vaccine”, and then you arrive at the crux of the matter, people's right to have freedom of choice. But you have just posited it there like a suggestion rather than strongly asserted it.

Even though the questions on your leaflet might lead to a discussion in which you then state clearly your views as assertions, you have arrived at that discussion in a calmer manner than if you were defending a controversial statement from the start. This offers a better chance of having a friendly and reasonable conversation.

If you are going on the street to engage with people you definitely want to aim for a friendly and reasonable conversation rather than a blazing row.

A leaflet which I have been using which I have found helpful which is minimally confrontational is "Questions,Questions,Questions". It deliberately is just questions. There are no assertions, so there is nothing solid for them to argue against. The questions are densely packed and so difficult to read. It is designed more for artistic effect than readability. It is not meant to be read straight through. Questions can be picked out individually and pondered over. The purpose of this leaflet is to provoke thought and discussion rather than prove a case. It is also designed to give the impression of endless questions. For me, there is massive cognitive dissonance caused by the lies used by the Globalists to disguise their true intentions. None of their stories make sense. As we try to make sense of them, more and more questions spring to mind. This leaflet is also meant as an illustration of that effect.

You can find it at the end of this document.

How to approach people

We want to make a good impression on people when we are out in public so we should look presentable. Smart casual. Not a suit and tie. We are hoping to have relaxed conversations with people so we don't want them to get the impression that we are Jehovah's Witnesses or slick salespeople. They will be tense and guarded if they suspect that. Nor do we want appear too rough and casual and give the impression of a Del Boy market trader. In that case nothing we say will be taken seriously.

We want other people to relax, so we should be relaxed ourselves. After all, as I have already said, it is a fun thing to do as well as being worthwhile. Smile and be friendly, and be ready to laugh at any little misstep or misunderstanding that might occur. There's no need to make jokes. We are not entertainers. We just need to be our normal, relaxed, happy selves. A little bit of nervousness before you start is normal. Once you are doing it, you get absorbed in it and the nerves disappear.

We are aiming to be non-confrontational so people will be more ready to accept us. If they can accept us as people then their emotional attachment to the Covid dogma has already been loosened a little bit.

If you feel confident enough, you could wear a T-shirt with a statement that people will notice. I often wear my “NO VACCINE PASSES ANYWHERE” T-shirt while handing out leaflets. It does make people aware that you are what they consider to be an “anti-vaxxer” so more people will reject the leaflet you offer them. If you are shy or new to handing out leaflets it is probably best not to wear it the first time out until you feel confident at handling the rejection and taking it all in your stride.

I do not mind at all people looking at the T-shirt and telling me “No. I don't want your 'anti-vax cr*p' “ or words to that effect. The aim is not to hand out as many leaflets as possible. The aim is to make people aware of us. If people have noticed that I am an “anti-vaxxer” relaxed and confident enough to be handing out my leaflets to people on my own without any fear, then the T-shirt has done the job of the leaflet. They have noticed me. And they have saved me the cost of the printing and paper by not taking it. Many of the leaflets end up on the floor or in the bin not very far from where they were picked up anyway. The job of the leaflet and the job of the T-shirt is exactly the same: Get us noticed.

Be ready for rejection. Most people you offer a leaflet to will refuse. That is perfectly normal. Don't take it to heart. Just thank them politely anyway and move on to the next person. If they make a snide comment don't answer back. Never be tempted to answer back. It will become habitual and it will destroy your mood. You need to stay relaxed and humble and keep preparing to be friendly to the next person. If you get a string of rejections and you feel your energy slipping, take a moment. Take some deep breaths, relax. Have a flask handy so you can have a sip of coffee. Sit down if you need to. Do not approach the next person until you are relaxed enough to smile without having to force it.

Be patient and ready to chat if someone wants to. Some people will want to take up your time. Let them. Try and give the impression that you have all the time in the world. If it turns into a long aimless conversation, you can start offering leaflets to other people passing by while still talking to them. This lets them know you are busy without rudely giving them the brush off.

Not everybody who accepts a leaflet will want to stop and chat. Don't detain them. Some people will accept a leaflet while carrying on walking. Great. Just let say “thanks” and look for the next person. Some people will stop to accept the leaflet and look at it without saying anything. Wait a moment to give them a chance to say something, and if they don't, just say “I'll leave it with you then...” and move on. Don't interrupt their chain of thought. You don't want to come across as being too pushy. Be open to people but don't force yourself upon them.

How to deal with disagreement

Some people will want to discuss the material you have given them. They can see you are an “anti-vaxxer” and want to take issue with you. Great. You get two types. Those that want an argument ( or just to put you down) and those that want a proper discussion. Whilst I enjoy a proper discussion I do not want to waste time in heated arguments so I need to quickly judge which way it is going to go.

If the person starts to be derogatory then obviously he is looking for an argument. Try and make the conversation as short as possible. Let him or her tell you off if they need to. Be as conciliatory as possible in your answers. As soon as possible say “well, let's agree to differ on this” and leave it at that. Keep quiet and wait for him or her to go. If they don't then move away and look for the next person to hand a leaflet to. .

The people who want a proper discussion will usually ask questions and want you to express your point of view first. Then they will answer you with their rebuttal. If it is done in a friendly way then of course you can keep the conversation going and challenge their rebuttal. As long as you both find the conversation interesting and enjoyable carry on talking. There are, of course, those sneaky people who pretend they want a jolly good discussion but really want to shoot you down in flames. It will start off friendly enough but if they don't feel they are winning they will get more and more catty. Before they get a chance to be too obnoxious, get out while the going is good and agree to differ and move on. Don't get sucked into a gradually escalating argument.

By the way do not be offended if people call you an “anti-vaxxer”. By all means explain the difference between objecting to the vaccine and objecting to vax passports but do not expect them to always agree to recognise it. To a lot of people “anti-vaxxer” just means “non-compliant”. I don't mind being labelled as such because I regard it as my sacred duty not to comply. (Mahatma Gandhi: “Civil disobedience becomes a sacred duty when the state has become lawless or corrupt.”) I actually regard any label they come up with as a badge of honour. I am also a “conspiracy theorist” and I wear a tin-foil hat.(it's just that it's an invisible tin-foil hat so nobody can see it.) If anybody asks me if I am an “anti-vaxxer” I treat it as a joke. “Yes. I'm one of those monsters. Yes I'm a dreaded anti-vaxxer”.

How to deal with abuse

Be prepared for some people getting abusive. There are people who will be angry with you because you are not complying. Stay calm. You are getting your message across . If you weren't, the people who want to abuse you would not be bothering. So you have no need to raise your voice. Let them be the ones to raise their voice. If they start shouting and insulting you, wait until they have finished before replying calmly. If they get aggressive or too persistent walk away. There is no need to match them in their brutishness. Let them be the ones to embarrass themselves with their loss of control. If you are calmly taking abuse from an angry person in public, passers-by will be impressed. Some may even be interested enough by what is happening to wait for the angry person to go away before approaching you to find out about what it is you are trying to promote. Of course, if you get angry and lose control when talking to a member of the public, the opposite applies. You will repel passers-by. Nothing could be more off-putting to people who might otherwise be sympathetic to your cause. The key is to always stay calm and polite whatever is thrown at you.

Encouraging supporters

You will come across people who agree with you and want to support you whenever you are handing out leaflets or even just out for a walk with the T-shirt on. Be ready for this. Give them a chance to get things off their chest.

After that ask them, "OK, so you are awake to what is going on. But what are you doing about it?"

This should lead to a discussion about action and the chance to encourage them to get out and about and maybe even doing some leafletting themselves.

Offer them your email address or social media contact details so you can stay in touch and exchange information. I usually just write my email address on the leaflet I give them. I don't have it printed on the leaflets because I don't want to encourage trolls. But I give my details to anyone who genuinely supports the opposition to the Globalist Agenda.

For a more in-depth look at the research which backs up the approach I am recommending, please read my follow-up article, "Influencing people on the street". (Also on this website).

Paul Edwards

P.S. If you would like a PDF file version of the leaflet so you can print it out without the watermark, send me a message via this web site and will supply one to you.

P.P.S. T-shirts are now available based on the design of the leaflet. They are being sold at cost. You can find them here:

They come in a full range of colours and men's and women's sizes

this is what they look like:

About the Author

Paul Edwards is an ordinary man whose life has been turned upside down by the totalitarianism that has now become all-pervasive. When he realised that the measures being introduced allegedly to deal with a deadly virus were actually an attack on ordinary people and our way of life, Paul decided not to cooperate. Recognising that the wearing of masks was a device to spread fear, Paul refused to wear them at work and lost his job. Tensions arose in his marriage because of his refusal to comply and his opposition to Mandatory Vaccinations and Vax Passports. Eventually his wife asked him to leave their marital home. Now staying with his elderly father, Paul has dedicated himself to opposing the totalitarian takeover. Some months ago, he started going out on the street with his self-designed leaflets to talk to people and show opposition. His experiences on the streets have inspired the articles he writes.

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